Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I love my She-Project. While doing designs I always realize what we women are able to. And it´s not only about women it is also about the female side all men have inside. No matter if we are male or female we all have an inner man, an inner woman and an inner child inside of us. It is called the inner family and is a system of energy we have in our inner system.This family needs to be in balance to have a fullfilled life. If it´s out of balance we can see and feel it in our lives.

The inner man stands for balance and structure we need in many situations in life. If we are out of balance we see and feel a loss of regulations.
The inner woman works in equation when she gives herself room for her needs. If this is out of control she only gives, doesn´t take enough care of herself and cannot take.
The inner child shows playful elements. Out of balance life will be taken too seriously, too heavy without lightness.
If our inner family united we live a life in oneness.
Have a beautiful day,

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