Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Hey there, beautiful people all over the planetđź’•,
here is my newest motif, fresh out of my creative room. Music is playing, the muses are on and I love this time of the day. "She is intuitively creating wherever she goes"- what a wonderful phrase to walk conscious through this world. Whatever we do, we create something new. It depends on us, what intention we put into our creations. We can do things with love, happiness, joy, peace and wealth, then we double and triple all of this and bring even more of it into our lives.

Whenever I bring a new quote into a motif, I try to work with it in my everydays life. When I thought this one through I realized so much that I´m able to open a healed life for my loved ones by healing my own subjects. Life often brings issues to us and it is easier for us to accept and work with them. This brings growth and we can let go of them when our lesson is learned. If we do it right, they won´t come back. And when we are through we are able to create a new life - with more things we love.

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