Thursday, May 18, 2017


There is a lot going on in my artsy life right now. I´m about to switch rooms with my son. Right now my creative room is in the basement of your house in a cozy, small apartment I love very much. My son would love to move in there so I decided to move into his room for the next couple of years. It´s a huge step for me and wasn´t an easy decision to do but since I love my family it just felt natural to do this step. My soul told me to offer this to him and so I did. With this is my mind and soul I felt like doing a motif that fits to this step because the souls knows the way.

Since I love road-signs so very much (I even cut a big one out of wood for my garden) I used it for the pattern. I should start my own road sign collection with clever sayings.
That would be something I´d really love to do.
Have a wonderful day,

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