Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Our world is going through huge transformations. We can eye-witness this through different things like natural disasters that happen more and more in different parts all over the world. It also shows through men, women and children who live in horrifying battle zones and need to be safed from there. We can see it through the cleavages that go through countries in Europe and the U.S.
It is a huge battle between old and new energies. And it is a transformations that happens inside all of us.

What we truly need is love - for our planet, for our countries, for our fellow citizens and for us.
Fear is still a huge subject on Mother Earth and we can feel it whenever we turn the news on.
It is important to be conscious about it. It is important to bring our minds to things we really love so we feel love and feed love inside of us. If many people do this we´re  to bring lots of love into the collective and this is how things can be changed. Love will heal the world (once more).

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