Thursday, May 25, 2017


Illustration Friday called up for a new weeks topic. This time it is called "Team" and I thought of a row of ants who found a box of cookies. They are about to carry them all to their ant hill - one by one until the box is empty and all cookies are stored inside the ants home.

This design brings me in good mood because the ants look like having fun. Of course, they found cookies! The colour combinations work good and I love the energy the ants bring. Isn´t it fantastic when many individuals work together to create a superorganism? It is called swarm intelligence and it is one of my favourite powerful expression when used in peaceful intention.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


A new designer for my series is waiting in line.
I am so very happy to say hello today to the wonderful and artsy: ELLEN GIGGENBACH

Ellen was born in Germany and has lived in New Zealand most of her life. She is the artist behind ELLEN G, a brand she created when her store was opened in Petone, Wellington last year. Having had international success as an illustrator and paper engineer (she has created 13 paper craft books) with UK publisher Templar Publishing) she has now realized a life long dream of turning her passion for creating colourful, joyful images, inspired by her European heritage and love of mid century design into her very own unique collection of prints and products. Please feel free to visit Ellen on her homepage: or her blog: or Facebook:

Ellen loves the mid century art of Alexander Girard and Alain Gree and she passed pictures of her wonderful and colorful artwork.

Thank you so much, Ellen for bringing your inspiring and colourful, moodlifting art info this world.
Keep on living your dreams. You are a hero to all artists, especially me.
Have a wonderful, creative day.


I love my She-Project. While doing designs I always realize what we women are able to. And it´s not only about women it is also about the female side all men have inside. No matter if we are male or female we all have an inner man, an inner woman and an inner child inside of us. It is called the inner family and is a system of energy we have in our inner system.This family needs to be in balance to have a fullfilled life. If it´s out of balance we can see and feel it in our lives.

The inner man stands for balance and structure we need in many situations in life. If we are out of balance we see and feel a loss of regulations.
The inner woman works in equation when she gives herself room for her needs. If this is out of control she only gives, doesn´t take enough care of herself and cannot take.
The inner child shows playful elements. Out of balance life will be taken too seriously, too heavy without lightness.
If our inner family united we live a life in oneness.
Have a beautiful day,

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


A new week has started with new designs to go. I am in flower mood once more because I ordered a big package of wonderful plants for our garden. It arrived today and I guess I´ll do some digging and shoveling today if the weather stays good.

As for todays quote - I often realize that we humans miss the time saying nice things to each other. I always try to make a difference in telling people compliments that come truly from my heart. Sadly most people don´t know how to take a compliment. They don´t let it in their hearts which is the true purpose of admiration. This won´t stop me at all. It teaches me how to take applause myself properly.
You are a whole lot of lovely. Yes. You.

Monday, May 22, 2017


Women are able to heal their men. It´s true. We are natural healers and we all have the ability to heal our loved ones. It is in our genes and it is time to wake this wonderful gift up to lift up and rise.

We are blessed with intuition and we are able to feel what our loved ones need. It is wonderful to follow this path because women in this world play a huge role in the future of our planet. If we heal ourselves, our men and children we are able to create a new and exciting world. Be a part of it.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


In the last few weeks I missed all the wonderful topics of Illustration Friday because I had so much to do at work. I didn´t want to just leave them behind without trying so I did them now. They won´t show up on their site but still it´s good pracise for me.
Here is the first one.The topic was RESIST. For this one I liked the idea of a cat looking at a fish without eating him. The cat could easily reach into the fish bowl but resists to do that.

I really love this one. It was the topic: SHOES and I visualized oriental shoes that are called babouches. I visualized them in the entry of a big arabian house, all mixed up.

And finally here is the motif with the topic: DELICIOUS. I thought a lot about subjects that are delicious to me. Three years ago I started to eat vegan and I truly love fruits and vegetables. They are a wonder of nature so I wanted to build a design around them.

Have a wonderful, inspiring sunday in the sun with your loved ones and a big bowl of nice-cream.
Bye for now and lots of love from my heart to yours.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Tomorrow the motif for Illustration Friday is due. This weeks topic is "Mother" which fits perfectly well for mothers day which was last sunday here in Germany. I got wonderful presents from my loved ones and also visited my mother and gave her a huge hug from all of my heart.

So this motif is dedicated to all mothers out there in every part of the world. Thank you for being a mom and thank you for passing on all your wisdom to future generations.
Lots of love,


Well, I have to speed up with my designs this week because I am a little bit behind. The students in my part-time job had exams and I was quite busy with that. Yesterday was the last one of the first class and there is one more coming. I have wonderful workmates and it´s so much fun working with them.

Here is number 19 of my challenge. Live every day with intention. What could this mean. For myself I try to live every day with an open heart. I try to smile warm at people, even the ones I don´t know. I try to feel love, especially for those who hurt me ones (that´s a big challenge). And I listen to myself and work on my inner subjects that show up ones in a while.


Today is superwoman-day in my artsy room. It came naturally to me after finding the wonderful quote that fits very much to super powers. At school I was once taught that people wish for a superhero when the world changes very much. No wonder all the avengers show up on TV again.

I am sure, all women on the world can be superwomen because they are able to heal their loved ones. And with that they are able to heal the world. With love. What a wonderful thing to do.
Have a LOVEly day,


There is a lot going on in my artsy life right now. I´m about to switch rooms with my son. Right now my creative room is in the basement of your house in a cozy, small apartment I love very much. My son would love to move in there so I decided to move into his room for the next couple of years. It´s a huge step for me and wasn´t an easy decision to do but since I love my family it just felt natural to do this step. My soul told me to offer this to him and so I did. With this is my mind and soul I felt like doing a motif that fits to this step because the souls knows the way.

Since I love road-signs so very much (I even cut a big one out of wood for my garden) I used it for the pattern. I should start my own road sign collection with clever sayings.
That would be something I´d really love to do.
Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, May 7, 2017


"She lives her philosophy" is the quote for my she-motif for this week. While drawing the figure and all the butterflies and bringing them all together I thought about my own philosophy. Different things came to my mind and I tried to write them all down here.

The philosophy of me - Evelyn Lara'Ana Rosner:
I am a woman, wife, mother, healer, artist, teacher, priestess, goddess, witch, shaman, musician, vegan, spiritual soul, learner, pioneer, light-bringer and so much more I don´t know about yet.

- I try to live a life I love.
- I surround myself with people I feel great with.
- I am good to my body, mind and soul.
- I stay in balance.
- I sense my potential and live it.
- I follow my path of life and overcome fears and boundaries.
- I learn at least one new lesson life teaches me a day.
- I am love, peace, freedom, joy and wealth.
- I care for Mother Earth.
- I am the creator of my own fullfilled life.

Wow, once I´ve started I can hardly stop myself any more. There are so many things I feel connected with that are important to me. I guess, it will be a good idea to start a notebook with my own philosophy so I can write a sentence down whenever it shows up in my mind.
And I´d love to read more about other people´s philosophies.
So, my dear - what is your ideology? What do you stand for or what do you want your life to be?
Feel free to write me about it. I am very excited to get your mail.
Have a wonderful day,

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Our world is going through huge transformations. We can eye-witness this through different things like natural disasters that happen more and more in different parts all over the world. It also shows through men, women and children who live in horrifying battle zones and need to be safed from there. We can see it through the cleavages that go through countries in Europe and the U.S.
It is a huge battle between old and new energies. And it is a transformations that happens inside all of us.

What we truly need is love - for our planet, for our countries, for our fellow citizens and for us.
Fear is still a huge subject on Mother Earth and we can feel it whenever we turn the news on.
It is important to be conscious about it. It is important to bring our minds to things we really love so we feel love and feed love inside of us. If many people do this we´re  to bring lots of love into the collective and this is how things can be changed. Love will heal the world (once more).

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Hey there, beautiful people all over the planetđź’•,
here is my newest motif, fresh out of my creative room. Music is playing, the muses are on and I love this time of the day. "She is intuitively creating wherever she goes"- what a wonderful phrase to walk conscious through this world. Whatever we do, we create something new. It depends on us, what intention we put into our creations. We can do things with love, happiness, joy, peace and wealth, then we double and triple all of this and bring even more of it into our lives.

Whenever I bring a new quote into a motif, I try to work with it in my everydays life. When I thought this one through I realized so much that I´m able to open a healed life for my loved ones by healing my own subjects. Life often brings issues to us and it is easier for us to accept and work with them. This brings growth and we can let go of them when our lesson is learned. If we do it right, they won´t come back. And when we are through we are able to create a new life - with more things we love.