Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Allright, I am almost done with last weeks designs. My schedule is so wonderfully filled with lovely missions. Last week I was asked to do an illustration for a magazine I truly love (This is still a secret and I´ll post my motif when the magazine is out). Yesterday I had the chance to train a lovely pre-school-team all day and met fantastic people. I had the chance to learn a lot for my own personal portfolio.
Today I made a new design for my SHE-PROJECT.

I loved the idea of creating a peace-sign out of flowers and hearts without showing harsh outlines. Since I was born in the hippie years in the early 70´s I still loved to dress as one while being in my teenage years. I tie-dyed my shirts and my socks, painted patterns on my jeans and shoes and created my own unique outfits. Not everybody liked it but I didn´t care at all.
As for the quote I believe that peace is something women bring to our planet. I believe no mother wants to see her own child she brought to this world fight in a horrible and mindless war. This doesn´t make sense at all. Peace is the priority we all should bring our minds to especially nowadays when we see what happens in our world.
May peace be with you.
Lots of love,

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