Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Unicorns are a big issue right now in shops here in Germany. You can buy them visibly on cups, cards, note books and as toys. There is a bigger part behind this trend. In the spiritual world unicorns are divine animals.They help to heal our inner child and transform feeling in our hearts we experienced while growing up that made us feel bad, anxious, mad, hurt or bruised. Our world is going through huge transformations and we don´t need to carry all these wounds inside of us anymore. They show up now and it is time to listen to our inner child to look at all the pain that rises up. We need tender loving care, compassion, love, open arms, acceptance and protection for our inner child to heal all this pain. Only if we don´t hide hurtness anymore it is time for a change. Only if we turn our shadows into light we learn to live a self-paced life.

When we heal our hurt, inner child patiently with true appreciation and finally all pain is gone, then the healed, inner child leaves and the unhurt child moves in inside of us.There is a difference between healed and unhurt. Unhurt means we don´t go into resonance with soul pain anymore. This will be an absolute new feeling for us humans our souls haven´t experienced in light years. Lightness, love, softness and wonder will make it´s way to our hearts. 
May the unicorns be with us,

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