Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hello to a wonderful, shiny wednesday. It´s freezin´cold outside and low pressure area "Rainer" is making it´s way through Germany with rain and snow. Brrr. I am so happy I didn´t plant any kitchen herbs when the sun was out already. They wouldn´t make it through this week.
I can´t wait for the weekend because the forecast said the sun will come back by then. On sunday we´ll have a lovely concert here in the little town in live in. It´s a very small place but we do have some great musicians and bands I admire very much. It is one of the things I can´t wait to come each year.

Here is my pattern-meets-spririt-challenge of the week. I found this quote a couple of weeks ago and had to think about it for a long time. I am a mom of a daughter and I realized how important it is to be a good role model for her. It´s me who helps her finding herself raising from a girl to a woman with everything that will come along her way.
For this I wanted to create this pattern and now I will go and spend quality time with my wonderful daughter.
Have a wonderful day today,

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Yesterday I was shopping in the closest town of our tiny village and saw some female shirts hanging here and there in the shops. I saw some with the print "The future is female" or "We should all be feminists". It´s quite a thing right now and we really need some female attributes in this world right now. A couple of weeks ago I couldn´t stop myself ordering this shirt. We truly need a super-woman.
My she-series is also about everything women can be. The female power within that leads to a gentler, more meaningful life.

Let´s find our way back to your female essence in empathy, compassion, beauty, softness and also wildness. Female qualitiy is the contact to own feelings and the skill to express them. It is pure love without a purpose just now for the very present moment.

Friday, April 21, 2017


April is on and it is time for the interview of a wonderfully talented designer.
Let´s cheer loud and proud for: LOUISE BRAINWOOD

Louise was originally trained as a jeweller and exhibited internationally for about 12 years. About 10 years ago she gave up the job she was doing to care for her daugter and started selling some handmade textile homewares which gradually developed as a business as she taught herself to design her own printed textiles. She now sells mainly online through her own website, Etsy and designing and making homewares and gifts.
Please feel free to visit her on her homepage: or Facebook: or Instagram:

Hello, dear Louise and a warm welcome to my series.

1. When did your interest in design/illustration/art first start and how did that come about?
I´ve always had an interest in art and design, I left school at 16 and went straight to art school to study jewellery design. I never felt comfortable with academic subjects although I was good at them, doing something creative has always felt natural for me and I´ve been lucky to be able to make that my job.

2. What steps did you take to get to where you are now as a designer/illustrator/artist?
I went to art school at 16 and studied jewellery design for 5 years in the end as I went on to do a degree in it. I worked for a long time as a designer jeweller but in the last 10 years I´ve worked more with textiles and that led me to surface pattern design. I got so far teaching myself and odd day courses but then last year enrolled on Make it in Design courses and am just now completely the final module. It´s really pushed my design ability but has opened up licensing opportunities too which is very exciting.

3. How would you describe your style?
A mix of Scandi and Retro. Fresh colours, clean designs and fun!

4. Who are your favorite designers?
Sanna Anukka, Heather Moore, Jane Ormes, Dee Beale. And historically Lucienne Day, Barbara Hepworth, Alexander Calder. Some of those strictly speaking are artists rather than designers but for me the two merge.

5. What kind of designer/artist do you want to be known as?
Oh that´s tricky, I tend not to think outwardly about my work and I always create primarily for my own expression. I guess in that case maybe a designer that is true to herself?

6. What is your favorite medium you like to work with?
I use pen and ink to draw and then work on in Illustrator to create my final designs.

7. What are you currently working on?
I have a new collection of fabrics which I´m sampling at the moment and should be ready early April and then I´m in the early stages of developing some designs and a new product for children, which is really good fun! Sorry I can´t tell you more but all will be revealed once I´m able.

8. How do you fuel your inspirations?
I live 30 mins from London so I visit exhibitions and events there which is inspiring. London is a great city to visit, it´s very diverse and different areas have such a different feel there´s always more to explore. I also love the coast and especially Cornwall, in the South West of the UK, it´s where I go to recharge and invigorate.

9. How does your creative process look like?
I start in my sketchbook and then either scan those images in or draw them again using Adobe Illustrator, and then work them up to the final design with lots of paper print outs which I stick to my wall to make final decisions. They are then sent for printing either onto fabric or my stationary ranges. With my fabrics, they then come back to me and once the colours are correct I make my cushions, lampshades, etc. myself. I like to see the product through to the end wherever possible as I want to be sure my customers are getting the best product possible.

10. What are your major goals for the next years?
I´d like to license more of my designs, I am building up a portfolio now so it would be great to see them on products as there is only so much I can do myself. For my own brand I am hoping to grow that even more and would love to include wallpapers to my range.

Louise, thank you so very much for your inspiring answers and your time for doing the interview. I love your motifs and pattern so very much, especially your printed fabric and the fox cushion. And I am a big fan of your fresh colour combinations. You are my design-hero.
Have a wonderful and inspiring day.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


This week is loaded with fairytalish motifs. I haven´t planned this but after I drew my unicorns motif I read about the weeks theme of illustration friday wich is fable this week. Since I always wanted to do a mermaid motif this was my chance of the day.

The mermaid is a strong magical and spiritual helper who loves to come when we need her.
She stands for the female aspect and our feminine side we should accept. She is also a symbol for our subconsciousness and the deepness of our soul, our fears and emotions.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Unicorns are a big issue right now in shops here in Germany. You can buy them visibly on cups, cards, note books and as toys. There is a bigger part behind this trend. In the spiritual world unicorns are divine animals.They help to heal our inner child and transform feeling in our hearts we experienced while growing up that made us feel bad, anxious, mad, hurt or bruised. Our world is going through huge transformations and we don´t need to carry all these wounds inside of us anymore. They show up now and it is time to listen to our inner child to look at all the pain that rises up. We need tender loving care, compassion, love, open arms, acceptance and protection for our inner child to heal all this pain. Only if we don´t hide hurtness anymore it is time for a change. Only if we turn our shadows into light we learn to live a self-paced life.

When we heal our hurt, inner child patiently with true appreciation and finally all pain is gone, then the healed, inner child leaves and the unhurt child moves in inside of us.There is a difference between healed and unhurt. Unhurt means we don´t go into resonance with soul pain anymore. This will be an absolute new feeling for us humans our souls haven´t experienced in light years. Lightness, love, softness and wonder will make it´s way to our hearts. 
May the unicorns be with us,


Allright, I am almost done with last weeks designs. My schedule is so wonderfully filled with lovely missions. Last week I was asked to do an illustration for a magazine I truly love (This is still a secret and I´ll post my motif when the magazine is out). Yesterday I had the chance to train a lovely pre-school-team all day and met fantastic people. I had the chance to learn a lot for my own personal portfolio.
Today I made a new design for my SHE-PROJECT.

I loved the idea of creating a peace-sign out of flowers and hearts without showing harsh outlines. Since I was born in the hippie years in the early 70´s I still loved to dress as one while being in my teenage years. I tie-dyed my shirts and my socks, painted patterns on my jeans and shoes and created my own unique outfits. Not everybody liked it but I didn´t care at all.
As for the quote I believe that peace is something women bring to our planet. I believe no mother wants to see her own child she brought to this world fight in a horrible and mindless war. This doesn´t make sense at all. Peace is the priority we all should bring our minds to especially nowadays when we see what happens in our world.
May peace be with you.
Lots of love,

Friday, April 14, 2017


Nowadays it is very important to do things with love. Very often we act in fear and wonder why things don´t turn out the way we want them to be. 
It is because we act in fear, send fear out and get fear back. This is called the law of attraction.

If we act in love we send love out and get love back. It is so easy and still so hard to do.
I have started working on it with wonderful results. People walk by me on the street and give friendly smiles. It feels wonderful and really makes a difference.


Last weeks topic for Illustration Friday was "Illusion". This time I didn´t go with my handdrawn designs and motifs. I did a graphic design to build a visual illusion.

In every section of two lines that are crossing I put a white circle in. They are all in white but when you look at one closely, all the other circles turn grey/white. Only the one you have focused stays white.
Bye for now,


Here comes the pattern-meets-spirit-pattern for this week. I love dandylions and desperatley wanted to draw one. Then I found the quote I used in the pattern and thought it was a perfect fit.

What we are thinking about others reaches them which should make us think about the thoughts we send out into this world. It is so important to put consciousness into our minds and hearts for ourselves and others.
Have a beautiful day,


I am a little bit late because my computer had some issues with the fire wall. I couldn´t open my blog any more. So I designed my motifs and couldn´t get them on which was really a bug for me.
My sweet husband fixed it for me this morning and I´m able to get my work online again. Jippieh.
Here is my last weeks design for my SHE-PROJECT.

I love the Yogi-Backround which fits wonderfully to the "breathing-quote".


Last weeks pic for Illustration Friday was "Hot". First I thought of the sun, then hot pepper bells came into my mind. At last I went for hot-air ballons because I liked the possibilities for this motif so very much.

Let´s all climb into one and fly high up into the sky to a faraways land. I´d love to go to Hawaii or New Zealand. I am also a big fan of Iceland, Sweden or Denmark as destination.
Where do you dream to go?


I am a very sensitive person and feel things other´s don´t feel, see or hear. This makes it hard sometimes, being in a big crowd of people because I get so many impressions for my senses. I think, this sensitivity is a blessing and I feel very gifted to feel this way.
Years ago I started to train my senses with different wonderful teachers. I was able to learn to grow them stronger and to protect and clear myself against negative energy I feel in other people or places.
A couple of weeks ago I started to become a shaman. This journey fills my heart with love and peace. It feels like finding a missing piece of a puzzle and I am excited. It will take three years and with every step I go I´ll collect a white feather. When my collection of white feathers counts 39 my training will be completed.

For my today´s design I was inspired by the white feathers and drew some for my backround. The quote also fits to my new way because a shaman collects herbs in nature and brings them in healing products for people. It´s a wisdom we all used to have, living a life in balance with mother nature, using the gifts we get from her. We forgot so much of this strong wisdom and lost connection to our own inner healer.