Saturday, March 18, 2017


Finally I am back in my art-room again. This past week was so loaded with things I needed to do that I could hardly think of anything else. We had beautiful weather so my garden called me outside. We dragged so much dirt inside so my house was a mess after the garden was nice and clean. The fridge was empty, the laundry ready to be made. And my students needed me urgently this week, so I had to work more hours there than normally. Whenever I tried to find time sneaking into my creative room doing a design there came something up. I am thankful for my life but sometimes it can be cramped.

I realize more and more that I get unhappy without designing. It is the quality time I have with myself. When I put everything else first in my life I don´t feel good after a couple of days and I can get crumpy if things don´t change. I think, this is an issue many women have to deal with in life. We want to be good mothers, wifes, friends, employees, housewifes, gardeners so we put ourselves last.
This is not good for us because we only can give when our batteries are fully loaded as well. So give yourself some extra time. Plan it into your day. Get up early in the morning and please yourself with an hour of sport, yoga, meditation, music, creativity, a good book or anything else you are happy with.

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