Friday, March 10, 2017


I am a big fan of books about women who were/are real pioneers in something they did/do in their lives. No matter if it´s art, music, literature, fashion, politics, business or architecture.
I love the vibes that come from these books. These women make me feel that I can find my own strength, too. Here is my pattern for today´s "She-Project". I dedicate it to all women out in this world who are brave and strong and walk their own path in life. No matter what others say.

Here is my list of super women that are my role models in life:

1.   Pippi Longstockings (Hero) - the best hero a girl can ask for
2.   Beyoncè (Music) - her last performance as a goddess was amazing
3.   Elsa Schiaparelli (Fashion) - she dared to design outstanding dresses
4.   Michelle Obama (Politics) - for president 2020
5.   Winnie Harlow (Model) - she has vitiligo which doesn´t stop here being a top model
6.   Mother Theresa (Inspiration) - she did so much good for the poor ones
7.   Frida Kahlo (Artist) - she lived a hard life and never gave up
8.   Catherine, Dutches of Cambridge (Royal) - I love her style and her social commitment
9.   Malala Yousafzai (Politics) - was shot by the taliban because she dared to go to school
10. Olivia Palermo (Style) - she impresses herself with her beautiful outfits

My list is endless. There are so many wonderful female stories in this world to think of.
Who are your super women? Are there strong ladies you adore? If you think about them and the reasons why you adore them then you might find your own path in life you like to follow.
Have a beautiful day.

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