Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Happy second day of spring to all of you. I am so happy a new season started and I can´t wait for all the green and flowers to come out in nature. Right now, the world is still quite grey, windy and rainy outside and I wonder when life starts to come back visibly.
Here is my patterns-meets-spirit-artwork of the week. I love the polka dots that look so irregular and I am such a huge fan of the colour combination of grey and yellow in all different shades.

I love the phrase in the design and whenever I can I walk by people and smile at them in love. Many, many times they smile back at me. First in surprise, second in happiness. This always makes my day. It is true magic. If you give something good, you get something good.
I am also a big fan of the free hugs campain. Do you know the video. Just click on it and I promise you will smile with an open heart in less than one minute.

Here is my free hug for you.

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