Tuesday, March 28, 2017


As you might know I am also a ConsciousCoach working with people to find their inner talents and potential. In todays design I wanted to create a motif for them. It is called be the one who finds the gold. I am talking about the treasures that are in everyone of us. No matter if you are talented in cooking, writing, singing or playing a wonderful instrument. Maybe you are very empathetically or you are great in maths. Everything we own or hide inside of us is something out world needs these days.

If you don´t know your potential then watch yourself while being with others. Is there something you admire on another person like he/she´s good at drawing/painting or is he/she able to talk fluently danish? Very often we project skills we admire onto others because we don´t live them ourselves.
They mostly give answer to our own inner gold we hide for many reasons. It is important to find out why we admire these skills on others and how we can bring them into our own lives.

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