Saturday, February 25, 2017


As I mentioned in the post before, here starts a new design series of mine. I called it "She" and it´s for women all over the world who help build a new world. I am talking about woman, mothers, sisters, daughters, wifes, no matter what language, nationality or religion.
We are all in this together, bringing love and healing to our loved ones. Now is the time to show who we are. It´s the time of healing our pains and inner believe systems. It is time to love our bodies and treasure us with all our hearts.

These days the female force in all mankind, men and women, boys and girls is growing stronger.
We all have male and female aspects in us and both want to come into balance. In the olden days the male force was the bigger part in many of us with attributes like strength, discipline, logic, independence, etc. Now the female attributes grow stronger like empathy, affection, loving, nurturing and many more. The healing aspect will rise inside of us with this. Many of us have this aspect, especially women who turned into mother´s. It is time to feel it again for our loved ones and our planet.

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