Tuesday, February 7, 2017


By the middle of last year I realized while grocery shopping that there´s almost no food that is not wrapped in plastic. No matter, if I wanted to buy organic cucumbers, salad, tomatoes, carrots, cheese, milk, yoghurt or cookies for my family. The plastic garbage after using the food was so much it made me feel bad. For February I decided to go on a mission. I call it "No Plastic Planet Pollution".
Yesterday I started it and went grocery shopping with fabric bags and reusable boxes.
I bought milk, yoghurt, spreads, tomatoe sauce, juice and cream in glass bottles. Bread and buns found a new home in fabric bags on their way home. All fruits and vegetables I picked were without plastic wrapping. Cheese was freshly cut and put in one of my boxes. For sweets we picked the ones in paper wrappings. The only food I didn´t get without plastic at all were noodles, rice and grains.
It made me really feel good and I remembered my family did the same when I was a teenager.
These days it´s more important than ever helping mother earth.
For our oceans it´s really bad. Two years ago I went diving with my husband and children in Egypt. I saw all the plastic in the Red Sea of tourists who just threw their garbage off the boats. This will all backfire on us one day.
If you´d like to join my mission or have clever ideas against plastic pollution then please feel free to write me.
Have a wonderful, wrapping free day,

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