Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This blog today is about how important it is to have art-projects while designing. If you start one, then more and more ideas will pop up in your head and keep you going. It´s amazing how things then suddenly start to flow into each other.
In the last years I always made art the way it came out of me. No plan, no direction, no connection.
In Rachael Taylor´s Make-it-in-design-courses  I realized how important it is to know the start of the path I want to follow. I never payed attention to this thought before so I decided to start this year 2017 with an art-challenge as a possible first step for myself. For this I made a design once a week.

By the end of January I realized that my designs got better through the regular practise. I looked at older patterns I did before and suddenly saw a change. The idea was to do this challenge for a couple of month until I maybe run out of ideas. While designing the idea came up to interview wonderful women who inspire and muse me. So I followed this road as well as a second wonderful possibiliy. The first interview is already on my blog and I love it so much, getting in contact with these lovely ladies. While typing the interview on my blog I thought it would be a lovely idea doing patterns/ designs for a special kind of women. I postponed this to next year and wrote it in my notebook under goals 2018. Ten minutes later I saw Beyoncé on TV, dressed as a goddess and I knew instantly, that the time for this idea is urgently now.
So this year I am quite busy doing my projects and I never dreamed that this could happen. I start to get happy, fullfilled and excited about it and all my ideas really make my soul happy.
That´s why this is my design for today.
I´m crossing my fingers that you will find things that make your soul happy, too.

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