Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Hello and a magical Tuesday for you, my dear.
I had a blast this morning, listening to my favourite music and doodling away. The sun is out after a highly energetic and full moon tonight. There is so much going on inside of me. Wow. I am so  impressed and thankful of the different vibes I am able to feel these days.

Today I wanted to remind myself that it is important to find the inner fire. I know, I often design about the inner light these days. But fire is also fantastic. It helps burn everything away we don´t need in our lifes any more. And it brings our passion up. This is wonderful if we want to do something from deep down of our hearts. Find your inner fire and do what you really love. This is when real magic starts to happen.

Five things I love to do with passion:
1. Spending quality time with my loved ones
2. Being in my artroom doing designs, illustrations, silkscreen-printing
3. Supporting others with ConsciousCoaching, especially artists and musicians
4. Singing wonderful heart-warming songs
5. Visiting new places and spaces like an inspiring art-fair

What is on your list of five things you love to do with passion?
I´d love to hear about them.

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