Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Another piece of artwork is leaving my desk. It looks a little bit like the 70´s, sort of Hippie-Bohemian-Style. I tried so many different colours and they all looked wrong to me. I go with the sky blue looking backround and all the colours in different hues of blue.
I really love styles like that because they remind of my childhood. My mom created my dresses herself when I was little and she combined fabric with chrochet while designing. I loved growing up back then with all the conscious people trying new things in designing, cooking, living. A very fascinating era I still love very much.

Oh wow, I am so hungry now. I guess, it´s time for fueling batteries before working on the next piece of art. Spelt spaghetti with pesto a la artichokes will be my food choice for lunch.
Bye for now and have a lovely lunch break with healthy food for you, too.

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