Saturday, January 28, 2017


Pantone´s new colour of the year 2017 is quite unexpected and surprising.
After last years Serenity and Rose quartz this years colour will be the bright yellow-green shade of "Greenery".

Wow, this brings nature back to us. And the colour pick fits surely in a certain kind of way. Pantone wants us to revive, restore and renew with this colour, a reconnection we seek with nature and more. This can only be good these days.
The world changes and nature helps us getting along with it. 20 minutes outside in the woods and our inner stress is down to zero for a while.

I guess, it will only be a matter of time until the fashion, interior and beauty design industrie starts picking up "Greenery" in their products. I´ll open my eyes and watch it coming. When I look at it I desperately want to go outside into the green. So let´s open up for buying a new dress, nailpolish or living-room colour in bright green this year.
Greenery greetings,

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