Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Yesterday we went ice-skating on our tiny lake in town. First we had to get rid of all the snow on the frozen water with shovels and brooms. It took us longer than we thought and my arms still hurt today. What an effective work-out. The kids couldn´t wait to open the skating-season. It was so much fun.
I guess, the lake will have company all week long now.

Today the kids have school and work all day so I was able to have time in my creative room. I made a new design for my challenge which came to my mind yesterday evening. I had to sketch it quickly before bed-time and today I made some artwork out of it.

Never stop looking up at the stars. Never stop reaching for them, for your dreams and your believes that they will come true. If this is what you do, you will reach everything in life you dream of.
Have a wonderful day.

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