Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Hello to you all!
Here comes a new pattern freshly out of my artsy room. It took me longer than I thought to bring it on it´s a way. I finished the scribbles almost a month ago and thought of an orbit-looking motif with the milky way as a backround. First I had more planet-like circles involved but I didn´t like it in the end. So I changed that and finally reached my point of satisfaction (if that´s ever possbible).

Right now I love the colour-combination of a dark grey mixed with powdery pink and steel grey. It looks quite harmonic that way, even though these are no orbit-like colours at all. These are truly inspiring to me and I think of making more patterns like that soon.
Have a wonderful day finding your favorite colour-combinations,
lots of love,

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Hello to a wonderful new day. My this weeks design is leaned on folk patterns from Africa or Australia. Sometimes I love to do dot paintings because they are so wonderfully calming and soothing. It is mediative drawing one dot besides the other and helps bringing my feet on the ground because it takes quiet a while bringing them all in an enjoyable row.

As for the colors I fell for Olivegreen and Olivegold in all different shades combined with a clear and crips white. I wasn´t sure in the beginning if I would be a fan of this choice but now it turned out quite pleasing to me.
Bye for now,

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


November is already in the house and it is so fantastic to take a look into warmer countries. It is time for the designer of the month and I can´t wait to present you: SKINNY LA MINX also known as HEATHER MOORE.

Skinny la Minx is based in Cape Town in Africa and Heather designs wonderful fabric, interieur accessories, aprons and a lot more.

Picture Source:

Feel free to visit her website:
find her on Instagram:
or Twitter:

Hello and a warm welcome, dear Heather!

1. What steps did you take to get to where you are now as a designer/illustrator/artist?
I took lots of steps! Mostly, they were little steps that I could manage without scaring myself, as I´m a self-taught designer and have had to figure out everything about my job along the way. Enjoyment of my work is one of my main goals in life, so my business has grown in small increments, keeping it manageable and as fun as possible.

2. How would you describe your style?
My decorating style leans in the midcentury direction, with minimal furniture but many focussed areas of pattern, colour and detail. I love to create vignettes all over my apartment (and shop), showcasing interesting things I´ve found, highlighting relationships between objects, and telling stories. My personal style is all about being able to walk fast and carry things up and down stairs, while still looking smart. My working style is very instinctive and fluid, with lots of spur-of-the-moment ideas and bursts of high energy. Thank goodness I have a grounded, solid team along for the ride, to help me stay on track and in focus.

3. What is your favorite medium you like to work with?
I love to spend hours cutting intricate patterns and illustrations from paper with my very pointy blade. These cut paper designs are often the starting point for my textile designs.

4. How do you fuel your inspirations?
I walk to the shop every day, I travel a lot, I look at packaging in the supermarket and think about the way things are made. I analyse design choices that other people have made, and I look at trees, seeds and flowers, taking note of all these things as I go. I keep my eyes wide open while at home and away, seeing patterns, colour juxtapositions, textural interest and shapes. I photograph these and keep my photos rigorously sorted into categories. These are the things that help me make design decisions when it´s time to do this work.

5. How does your creative process look like?
It´s just a habit that I am in, and it applies to every part of my life. The things I choose to wear, the items in my home, the route I take to my studio, the conversations I have, are all my part of my creative process, and then at a point when I need to have a design or an idea made concrete, I have lots of material to draw from, because I´m thinking like this all the time.

Dear Heather, thank you so much for the interview. I love your designs and artwork you give and bring to this world. Lovely greetings to you to Cape Town, Africa and keep your wonderful ideas up.
Lots of love,


Hello there to a novemberish Tuesday. Winter is coming closer and the air starts to smell like snow. I love to burn candles to make our home cozy and comfortable in this dark season. The good thing about staying inside is, that I have more time for drawing.
Two weeks ago I started this motif with old-school cameras. It kept me on my feet for a while because first I changed the colours several times. I wanted it to be colorful in the first place (which I didn´t like afterwards).

Then I decided to go with the old-school look and since these cameras shot black and white pictures I focused the look of the pattern on these colours and a grey backround. I think, it turned out retro and looks like a design of the past.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Three days ago I played country-place-river with my daughter at night and we had some great fun.
While counting points by the end of the game, I started to make scribbles on my paper and suddenly I had drawn a cute little elephant that looked perfect for a childrens motif.

I liked the idea of a pattern for little boys so I took blue in different shades combined with yellow and a fresh green backround. Isn´t this little guy cute? I instantly fell in love with him and his buddies.
What do you think of him?
Lots of love,

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Todays pattern comes straight from my heart. I dedicate it to a wonderful person that shared our family-life for only a couple of month and still made her way into all our hearts.

I am so thankful sharing all these fond memories with her. I am also thankful, finding all the touching impressions she brought to me. She came into our life, left footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same. 
You are so loved.

Monday, October 9, 2017


In our garden used to live the biggest hedgehog I have ever seen. He often showed up at night, making his way through the garden, sniffing so loud that we were able to hear him from far away.

I haven´t seen him for quite a while so I made this pattern for him. I hope, he is allright, happily getting ready for winter.
Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, October 8, 2017


A big sigh of relief is making it´s way through the world. I purchased a new printer since my old one broke down a couple of weeks ago. Gosh, I missed it so much making patterns and I desperately felt the need of returning to this wonderful habit of mine. While waiting for the new one to arrive I made sketches sitting on my sofa before bedtime and so I have some stuff ready turning into new motifs.
Autumn is on here in Germany and the leaves started to fall off the trees. I see lots of animals around getting ready for winter and this year it seems they are really busier than ever collecting food. I guess, we´ll get a long, strong, cold winter if the animals are right.
Today I started with a hedgehog-pattern and created different looking animals for this and combined them with fonts, leaves, mushrooms and doodles.

While creating and making the pattern look quite busy I more and more felt the need of creating a second version, that looks cleaner, crisper and less playful. Here it comes for you to see.

Letting go of details is called the principle of reduction and since I am a big fan of it I like my second motif more. What do you think about it? Are you more a motif 1 type or motif 2 type? Please feel free to write me your comment about it.
Lots of love,

Friday, September 22, 2017


A big hello to all of you out there.
New products left my artsy room and wandered straight into my loved Dawanda-Shop which is called Lichtstrahlblinzeln. I made key-chains with cork or wooden beads, bookmarks with my own designed and different motifs, cork-pictures with a fox, an elefant or a rabbit. You can find them all here on

I had so much fun, bringing new products to life. And there are a lot more waiting to get ready.
Of course, I also felt the need to create new workshops for the creative business field which I did.
There are COACHINGS FOR CREATIVES OR MUSICIAN" possible. For team-members of a company I brought a "CREATIVE WORKSHOP AS A TEAM-EVENT"to life.

For managers I created a workshop which is called "STEP OUT OF THE ROUTINE - CREATIVE THINKING FOR EXECUTIVES" and I especially love this one:  also put new workshops in like "Coaching for Kreatives/Coaching for Musicians", a creative workshop as a team-event and one for "Creative Thinking for Executives". I especially love this one:
Have fun exploring my little shop!
If you need help with translations I´ll be happy to help.
Lots of love,

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Hello there! I am back at work after one month of rest and laziness. Well actually, I wasn´t that lazy after all working in the garden, getting rid of all the weed that was growing there because of all the rain. And we had a lovely trip to Europe´s largest water slide park. It was huge and we went down all the slides, had a cocktail on the water bar and an amazing day there.
Unfortunately we didn´t make it on a bigger trip this year which I missed very much. We had some more day-trips but we didn´t get into a vacation-like feeling because there is always so much work waiting at home. Sigh! I really hope, we´ll make it next time.

It feels so very much like fall already here in Germany. The leaves fall and Scotty, the squirrel digs nuts in every possible spot in the garden. All day long he runs by our window and it looks like we´ll get a strong and long winter compared to the amount of nuts he drags along.
I have nice designs in my mind already but unfortunatly our printer broke down and I have to get a new one as fast as I can.
Have a lovely day and bye for now.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Dear friends, it is time for some rest and recreation. Summer vacation is on and I truly want to spend some time collecting new ideas for a fresh and inspirational return.

Have a wonderful month loaded with funny moments at the beach, a good book and a huge (n)ice-cream cone in your hand. I´ll be happy to welcome you back by the end of summer with new stuff coming along.
Lots and lots of love,


August arrived, summer holidays are on and a wonderful designer is standing in line for my "12" project. Ladies and gentlemen! Please hold your breath. I can´t wait to present you the one and only wonderful shining illuminated designer: HANNAH NUNN.

Hannah creates glowing paper cut lighting, wallpaper and fabrics all inspired by the tiny details found in nature. She lives in Hebden Breide in West Yorkshire in Great Britain where she has her artisan lighting shop radiance, her sunny studio and an abundance of beautiful countryside to keep her in ideas. Please feel free to visit her Homepage on or her Blog on

A warm Hello and Welcome to you, dear Hannah Nunn. Thanks for joining my interview today.
Let´s get started straight from the heart.

1. When did your interest in design/illustration/art first start and how did that come about?
I´ve been a maker since I was a child - always drawing, colouring in, quilling, making dollshouse furniture out of anything I could find or designing sets for the puppet show me and my best friend put on for our neighbours! I guess some people prioritise other things in life when they grow older and these creative acts start to dwindle but I was encouraged to keep them going. The way other people appreciated my efforts made me want to make more.

2. What steps did you take to get to where you are now as a designer/illustrator/artist?
I went to art college first, doing a foundation course and experimenting with allsorts of materials. Then I went to Wales to do a diploma in "Crafts". I ended up in a ceramics group though and I didn´t get on with clay and lost my way a little so I took a year out to work out where I wanted to be. In that
year I feel pregnant. I always say that my fate was chosen for me. I had my two children Ffion and Euan close together and enjoyed being a young Mum but I had another child pulling at my skirts too - my creative longings wouldn´t leave me alone. It was a challenge at the time but I managed to carry on making things and selling things and getting the odd commission. Having the children made free time extremely precious so I made the most of every minute and that has helped me learn to focus. When the children started school I got my first proper studio space and developed a range of handmade cards which did well but it was clear I wasn´t going to be able to support myself financially so I experimented with papercut lighting and that´s when my creative career really began. I opened my shop Radiance, selling artisan lighting and after ten years of making and selling lighting I was inspired to try my hand at wallpaper design too. I took The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design ecourse and learned LOADS. I printed my first wallpaper in 2013 and they have been selling successfully around the world every since. My daughter, now aged 23 now runs the shop so I can concentrate on creating from my lovely sunny studio space.

3. How would you describe your style?
My style is simple and gentle and inspired by the tiny detials found in nature. It is calming and soothing.

4. Who are your favorite designers?
There are so many designers that I admire, some whose work just makes my belly go funny and some who make me want to get up and do. There are too many to mention. I have picked ten. Abigail Edwards wallpaper and styling, Abigail Borgs intricate line drawings, Juju Papers simple quirky style, Skinny LaMinx overall business, Missprint´s great designs and the way they have grown, Kasasagi Designs are fascinating one off pieced, Katie Scott with her awesome botanical drawings, Elizabeth Terzza´s botanically inspired jewellery, Laura Baxter´s jeweler and Maartje Van Den Norrt´s drawings.

5. What kind of designer/artist do you want to be known as?
Someone who has managed to express the beauty and simplicity they find in nature into their designs in a unique and beautiful way with intricacy, care and craftsmanship.

6. What is your favorite medium you like to work with?
I like to draw. Fineliner pens and white paper is all I need.

7. What are you currently working on?
I´m working on design called Tiny Treasures. It features all the little things you might find and put in your pocket while when you´re out walking. It´s got SO many motifs. There are too many to count! If all goes to plan it will be wallpaper and fabric later in the year....maybe even an oil cloth.

8. How do you fuel your inspirations?
Yoga and meditation fuels me and gives me the loveliest kind of inspiration. I practice everyday. I read a lot. I write morning pages. I go out walking in the meadows and the woods. I live in a very beautiful town surrounded my lush countryside. I take lots of photos. Instagram and Pinterest inspire me - it´s good to see all the creative souls all doing their thing.

9. How does your creative process look like?
I write a lot just getting ideas down and getting creative ideas as I go along. It helps to clear my head and rev me up! I listen for the tiny things that excite my spirit and follow them. When designing a wallpaper I draw a lot first, collecting motifs, then I scan them in and play with turning them into patterns in Illustrator. My desk is full of inspiration - pictures, drawings, seed pods, quotes....

10. What are your major goals for the next years?
I will keep on building my wallpapers and fabric collection. I want to take them to Maison et Objet in Paris. I also have a desire to teach yoga and creativity and combine all my passions together, sharing my creative tools and tricks and the all things that give me the inspiration to do what I do. I´m working on that.

Hannah, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, ideas and inspirations with us.
It was a pleasure, reading about your life as an exciting designer, doing your wonderful artwork.
May all your creative dreams come true,
lots of love,

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I guess, I am drifting down the road of geometric patterns lately. I don´t know why but somehow I am drawn to these clean and clear designs. There is the feeling inside of me, that my pattern-meets-spirit-challenge is coming to an end and something new is about to knock on my door. Very exciting!

The quote: "Be the warm yellow light that pours all over everyone you love" made me want to combine in with a bright colour that helps transport the feeling of yellow light. Isn´t it a nice thought to pour oneself all over the loved people that surround us? It will make them feel comfortable and loved. I´d also love to have somebody who is the warm and yellow light for me.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Welcome to my this week´s She-motif. It is about putting down our masks. We all wear several masks in our lifes. One as a daughter, one as a wife, one as a mother, one as a workmate, one as a friend, etc.
With every mask we often act a little bit different depending on the people we are together with in each situation.

It takes some courage to drop these masks and show who we truly are in our hearts. We let our guards down, showing a vulnerable heart (maybe filled with pain), scared of getting hurt even more. On the other hand we show who we truly are, with all the scars we collected during life. They show lessons we learned on our journey and the growth inside us that came with them.
Be true.


A wonderful, new topic was posted from Illustration Friday and it fit so well for this weeks heat.
Ice-Cream is on and I desperately had to make a pattern with popsicle sticks. I love the summerful colours and could almost smell the sweet fruitful taste of raspberries, strawberries and lemon. Mmh.

Of course my popsicles are 100% organic, made out of real, delicious, juicy fruits, sweetend with grape-juice. This has to be mentioned of course:-) Oh great, now I feel a longing for an ice-cream. I guess, I´ll get some frozen pieces of mango out and make myself a nice-cream out of it. And I truly want to try a new recipe of strawberry-mint-ice-cream.
Lots of love,


Right now I am a little bit drawn to the geometric parts of design since I love bold, clean patterns with a bright backround. Since my home is surrounded my green trees and fields I felt like bringing these into a motif. I love looking out of my windows seeing all the different shades of green. In colour psychology green is a great healing colour. No wonder we feel good after spending some time in nature. Even here, looking at the motif, makes me feel balanced and healed.

Move on with happy spirit - my quote is combined with the healer power of green and trees because if we move on there is sometimes a tree blocking the road. We can climb over it and leave it behind if we stay positive and happy. It is important for a positive, joyful life.
Have a happy day,

Sunday, July 16, 2017


She speaks with the rhythm of her heart - this is my number one lesson these days. It is so important to speak out of the heart with the rhythm of the beat. If we do that, we become clearer who we truly are. We also feel, what feelings we still hide inside our hearts who we are. It also shows us what stands in our way of opening our hearts for others. If we look at this, we are one step closer to heal.

I found the perfect music for this motif of mine. The wonderful Faroese musician Eivor Pálsdóttir found me and I loved this song so much. It is an absolute heart-opener for sure. Iceland is on top of my vacation-wishlist. Faroese, Iceland and Denmark are on top of my vacation-wishlist, especially Iceland.

It is such a beautiful country. I love the surnames of the Iceland people, the landscape and their natural, public way of living with elves and other mystic creatures. My shamane heart sings with them. Have fun listening to this beautiful song.
Blessed be,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Illustration Friday´s this weeks topic "Portrait" brought the idea to me of a paper cut looking silhouette of a woman. I am not such a big fan of having old-school-designs like these in my own home so I brushed it up with a modern backround.

A couple of days ago I saw some influencer wearing the color combination red and pink and I liked it a lot. So I took it over for my design and made a polkadotted aftermotif out of it. Red and orange also look great together (I heared so often as a kid that these colours don´t match). Now I have to get rid of this believe system.


Since I try to fill my portfolio each sunday is the day for collecting new ideas for patterns. Last year I collected all the quotes I use and wrote them down in my planer so I know every week what quotes I want to use and bring them together with a motif. Planing ahead is quite good because I don´t get in trouble using quotes twice with that system.

This weeks quote is about how important it is to be with people who lift you up. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and loved. The key is to make them feel good and loved as well. It is the law of attraction - when you send out love it returns to you.
So here comes a feel-good-note for you, dear wonderful reader of my blog. Thank you for coming by. You mean the world to me and I am so very happy to see you here. Have a wonderful day, you wonderful light. You are a true sparkler.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


In a couple of minutes friends will arrive for a BBQ. Before this happens I truly want to post my weeks pattern for my she-series. Here it comes.

She knows she can change the world is the quote I picked for this week. Whenever I can I try to make a difference in everydays life to change the world. One goal is to avoid plastic wrapping while grocery shopping. I saw a movie showing all the plastic in our oceans. Another one goal of mine is bringing love among people, so I smile and feel love in my heart whenever I pass somebody, no matter if it´s a stranger or a known person. I also try to be conscious and positive in my thoughts because that is energy that other´s recieve.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


In two days the new motif for Illustration Friday must be posted so I hurried with my pattern for this weeks topic "Love".

The yellow hearts bring me in cheerful mood and I loved drawing the backround in wild strokes (it´s a fantastic way of stress relief, though).
Lots of love,


We harvested our first zucchini´s out of our own garden for this year. My husband is not that keen into these vegetables and I tried a lot of recipes to bring a friendship among them. I cooked, steamed, grilled and filled the greenish friends but nothing worked, except zucchini cake.
Yesterday I tried to make a zucchini- pesto and served it to my spouse. Total success. He fell in love with it instantly. So here comes the husband proofed recipe for my pesto.


1-1/2 cups chopped zucchini

2 cups basil leaves

3 tbsp. olive oil

2-4 cloves garlic

1/4 tsp. sea salt

1/2 cups pine nuts

Give all ingredients in a mixer and blend it until you get a nice textures with tiny bits of nuts and leaves. Don´´t blend it too long because the mixtures would get very smooth and oily then.
Serve it on cooked, plain potatoes or noodles or as a lovely sandwhich spread.
I doubled the recipe because my zucchini was big and so we have pesto for 2-4 days.
You can keep it in the fridge and it will stay fresh for about five days.
Have fun trying it yourself.
Bon appetit,


It is such a beautiful day today. The sun is out, my herbs grow in front of my window and things run smoothly. My today´s pattern had to be a birdcage with an open door so the bird has the chance to get out of there. I guess, it must be frightening first for the bird having the option of leaving. Once the decision is made, a new life is about to take part. How exciting is that!

The todays quote says: Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable. It is about being brave on the path of life´s journey. If you know your talents and follow the voice of your heart, wonderful power and strenght will come to you and carry you and your ideas. New doors will arise and open when you are brave enough to open them. And remember: Courage is always rewarded in life.
Have a happy day full of love and laughter,

Sunday, July 2, 2017


The summery month of July is about to start and it is time for a new designer of the month.
Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to: MAY LEONG

May is a Surface Designer from Malaysia who loves to create bright, colorful and cute art for kids and those people who used to be kids.

Feel free to visit her homepage on 
You can also find her on Facebook:

       So, hello May and welcome to our todays interview.

       1. When did your interest in design/illustration/art first start and how did that come about?
       Since a very young age I drawn and made birthday cards for my friends. I kept some of the   
       bookmarks that I drawn and made until today. It was a hobby then as I did not know I can  
       make a living out of it. After I left my corporate HR job I read about the life of a surface pattern 
       designer. My interest was reignited. I took Lilla Roger´s MATS, Rachael Taylor´s ABSPD and 
       Pattern Observer´s Textile Design courses. The true calling came after my holiday visit to  
       Helsinki and found out that Art can bring joy and laughter to people and make the world a more  
       beautiful and happier place.

       2. What steps did you take to get to where you are now as a designer/illustrator/artist?
       It took many professional and trade related e-courses to horn my skills and practise sketching, 
       drawing and coloring art every day. I even flew to New York to walk the Surtex and National
       Stationery Show in 2015, to get a first hand experience of art licensing world, to see the 
       stationery products and also to meet my artist friends. It was a huge investment of effort, money 
       and time as I have to flew more than 20 hours from Kuala Lumpur to New York City.

        3. How would you describe your style?
        Fresh, bright, colorful and supercute.

        4. Who are your favorite designers?
        They are just too many to mention. Charley Harper, Josef Frank and Henry Matisse if I must 
        name a few.

        5. What kind of designer do you want to be known as?
        A designer who bring a smile or add some beauty to them and their loved ones as well as 
        someone who is authentic and inspire them to go for and live their dreams. 

         6. What is your favorite medium you like to work with?
         I started taking Chinese Brush and watercolor courses in the beginning. Later, when I learnt  
         and pick up Illustrator, it became my favorite tool of trade.

         7. What are you currently working on?
         Creating designs for Greetings Cards and stationery products.

         8. How do you fuel your inspirations?
         I am a hoarder, I kept magazines, snapped photos and images of what I see and likes and store  
         them digitally for easy reference all the time. I read design books and take short courses for new
         ideas. I also love to travel to new places to look for new exposure, ideas and insights.
         9. How does your creative process look like?
         Most of the time, I started by sketching by looking at the "reference materials" that I have
         gathered. Then, I scan in my sketches and coloring them in illustrator by using blob brush tool.
         10. What are your major goals for the next years?
         I would like to create more commercial appealing portfolios and doubling my marketing effort
         including exhibit in trade shows, most likely in Surtex New York again. I may take up new courses 
         to enhance my design skills as well. 
         Dear May, thank you so much for the interview. I am impressed about your journey to pattern
         design and you also made it to Surtex. How great is that.
         All the best to you to Malaysia and all the best for your future goals.