Sunday, September 18, 2016


What a wonderful morning. I love to get up early spending quality time. Windows wide open so that a lovely breeze of fresh air comes in. Our two cats just walked in from their night out. Now they are sitting left and right from me, watching what I am doing while they are licking raindrops off their fur.
A couple of weeks ago a wonderful pattern of PipStudio caught my attention. It´s called "Living Tiles".
The print on the fabric looks like a tiled wall of a flowery pattern mixed with several yellow und blue coloured tiles. I love the idea very much bringing tiles and fabric together so I tried my own pattern with this idea as the base.

I call mine "Peppy Tiles" and since I´m a big fan of a certain colour combination these days I picked meltwater blue, whisper white, cathedral grey, ash grey and saffron yellow. The dots on the string are also one of my favourites. And I am very much into stars these days. Stars rock!

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