Saturday, September 3, 2016


My creative room is such a mess. You won´t believe it. Two weeks ago we cleaned out our garage, had it painted and put in a new floor. There was quiet some clutter we found there which wasn´t supposed to wander back on it´s old place after renovation. I piled it all in my creative space and put it into ebay for selling. Luckily the auctions will run out tonight because I found out all the clutter stopped my creative juices. I don´t find motivation or energy to start a new design which is very disturbing. It really got stuck.

By the end of next week everything shall be packed and send off. Hopefully the mood for creating will come back then. Well, since I can´t do much here right now, I´ll grab a book and wander into my garden, having some relaxed time in the hammock.
Bye for now,

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