Sunday, September 11, 2016


Hello, you wonderful ones!
I am back in my creative space. Most of the clutter is gone and I can feel a good flow of energy around me again. What a wonderful feeling.
I love to let go when things get cramped around me. It has such an impact on my soul and I feel free for new ideas again. This time my inspiration returned right after the big furniture was gone.
So here I am with paper and markers, back to new happiness while designing.

I call this heart-piece "FLOWER BUNCH" and the colours are mustardy yellow, concrete grey, light & deep mud grey and intuition turquoise.
I hope the motif brings you into the mood of picking flowers somewhere near you, arranging them on a nice tray of different vases, bringing the last wonderful days of summer into your home with them.
Have a wonderful day today wherever you are on this planet.

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