Thursday, September 22, 2016


Three weeks ago I started a new job with less hours on duty as a teacher. This gives me more room and time for design and music. I am so lucky and happy. Today I came home from work and popped into my creative room before dinner. How wonderful is that. Two hours spare time before my kids return from school. I love spending time with them and I also love being creative. It fuels my batteries so much. I am a better person after some quality time alone with me.

Just now I finished the Pinwheel Pattern you can find right here. I like the colour combination with juniper and olive green plus tortilla brown mixed with coin and dove blue in the backround. And I am big fan combining clear and crisp geometric patterns with whimsical drawings I did myself.
Have a wonderful thursday,

Sunday, September 18, 2016


What a wonderful morning. I love to get up early spending quality time. Windows wide open so that a lovely breeze of fresh air comes in. Our two cats just walked in from their night out. Now they are sitting left and right from me, watching what I am doing while they are licking raindrops off their fur.
A couple of weeks ago a wonderful pattern of PipStudio caught my attention. It´s called "Living Tiles".
The print on the fabric looks like a tiled wall of a flowery pattern mixed with several yellow und blue coloured tiles. I love the idea very much bringing tiles and fabric together so I tried my own pattern with this idea as the base.

I call mine "Peppy Tiles" and since I´m a big fan of a certain colour combination these days I picked meltwater blue, whisper white, cathedral grey, ash grey and saffron yellow. The dots on the string are also one of my favourites. And I am very much into stars these days. Stars rock!

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Hello, you wonderful ones!
I am back in my creative space. Most of the clutter is gone and I can feel a good flow of energy around me again. What a wonderful feeling.
I love to let go when things get cramped around me. It has such an impact on my soul and I feel free for new ideas again. This time my inspiration returned right after the big furniture was gone.
So here I am with paper and markers, back to new happiness while designing.

I call this heart-piece "FLOWER BUNCH" and the colours are mustardy yellow, concrete grey, light & deep mud grey and intuition turquoise.
I hope the motif brings you into the mood of picking flowers somewhere near you, arranging them on a nice tray of different vases, bringing the last wonderful days of summer into your home with them.
Have a wonderful day today wherever you are on this planet.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


My creative room is such a mess. You won´t believe it. Two weeks ago we cleaned out our garage, had it painted and put in a new floor. There was quiet some clutter we found there which wasn´t supposed to wander back on it´s old place after renovation. I piled it all in my creative space and put it into ebay for selling. Luckily the auctions will run out tonight because I found out all the clutter stopped my creative juices. I don´t find motivation or energy to start a new design which is very disturbing. It really got stuck.

By the end of next week everything shall be packed and send off. Hopefully the mood for creating will come back then. Well, since I can´t do much here right now, I´ll grab a book and wander into my garden, having some relaxed time in the hammock.
Bye for now,