Saturday, July 9, 2016


Beside my being as a designer I am also a conscious coach & therapist. Mainly I work with humans who want to find their true inner potential to build a well-balanced personality.
One of my passion is the support for parents and their kids. Being conscious in education is one of the basic steps while raising kids. Often parents carry pain in their own hearts of their childhood and/or older entanglements.This can be a barriere to the way of an open heart for their own kids. The kids often feel this boundness of their parents and build up symptoms to show the parents that something is in a wrong order in the family system.

For this coaching offer I designed a picture for my flyer. I wanted to show a family with lots of love among them on a photograph hanging on a wall as a lovely reminder.

In about three weeks my flyers will be printed. Ready for their journey to go to day-care-centers, kindergartens and schools hopefully reaching loads and lots of parents.

If my offer touches you as a parent please feel free to contact me. There is the possibility to get a coaching via skype. I´d love to hear from you.
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