Saturday, June 25, 2016


A warm "Hello" to all of you out there.
I just had a wonderful hour designing & listening to Lionel Richie and Friends in Concert. Right now my most favourite tunes while drawing.
These days I´m kind of drawn to birds. My backyard is full of them. Chirping titbirds, magpies, woodpeckers during daytime, an amazing owlet at night. And blackbirds everywhere around. They often start franctically running crossing the tiny street in our little town when I slowly drive by with my car. I mean, they rather run on their little legs instead of flying. Maybe they forget they have wings when this giant-size-looking-car drives towards them.

So I dedicate my artwork today to all the cute blackbirds out there. Take good care of yourself while running away from cars. I´m always worried you won´t make it fast enough.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Finally the rain stopped. The sun is out and my spirits are lifting up again. We tried to build raised beds in our garden the last couple of weeks. The weather put us constantly on hold and it took us ages to get it set up.

Now we have two wonderful and snalefree spots for our vegetables to grow. The salad came up quite nice, the pepper is still hesistant and so is the watermelon and the zucchini. I guess, they want to make sure if the sun shows up more often these days before they start growing.

Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Hello everybody,
it´s another rainy Sunday and I´m bound inside the house waiting for the sun to come out and play. Well, I guess this doesn´t happen anymore today. There are still so many rain clouds in the sky.
Luckily the weather made me visit my little artsy place in the basement of my house and I did some drawings without any ideas in mind. I just knew I wanted to combine smoked grey, baby boy blue and lemony yellow in some kind of nice pattern. Things turned out great and an our later I had finished my love letter pattern.

Just now I realized that the motif could be used as stationery if I scale the colour down to more transparency. And since I work a lot on forgiving others with my entire heart, the motif fits perfectly to my mood these days. What a lovely support.
Have a wonderful day.
And don´t forget - your are loved immeasurably.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


A warm hello to all of you out there!
A couple of weeks ago I found a wonderful colour combination in coral and mint.
I wrote the idea in my little book of favourite colours patiently waiting for a motif to come up. Then I scribbled and doodled and finally my new motif was born this very early morning.
Frames are one of the things I love drawing and I combined them with the things I love most right now - frames, flowers, birds & portraits.

It always makes me so happy, thankful and fullfilled feeling the flow inside of me while designing and seeing the finished pattern at the end of the process.
What makes you happy? And what makes you proud when you finished it?
Feel free writing me!
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Lots of love,