Saturday, March 26, 2016


Hello, dear guest!
It´s nice welcoming you on my blog.
After wonderful years of sharing DIY-ideas, vegan recipes, homemade interieur design and many, many more I made a step into a new direction.
If you are still interested in all this former work of mine, it is possible to visit one of my Pinterest-boards. There are still all products pinned.
Please feel free to join me there on

With great delight I started the inspirational "Make-it-in-design"-courses, founded by wonderful UK-Surface-Pattern-Designer Rachael Taylor.
Now I´m on my way, training myself to become an artsy pattern designer myselfwhich makes me so very happy.

From now on, you will find my artwork & illustrations here on my blog.
I´d be happy to see you soon.
Bye for now,

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