Monday, June 28, 2021


I desperately want to try Sub-Yoga where you stand on a board on water doing Asanas. I think, it´s good to practice balance and staying totally centered. It´s more of a summer thing, I think because if you get overboard it´s not too bad, getting wet. It would be so cool, doing this on a hot day, early in the morning.

Of course I had to come up with a nice board-design for this, having Asanas printed on top of it. What a nice thing to have being a Yogi, living close to a lake. Well, I guess one day I´ll do it, packing my courage in my backpack, getting ready for a Yoga-lesson on board. Would you love to come, too? 

#surfacepatterndesign #evelynrosner #watersports #subyoga #waterworld #boarddesign #artwithheart


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