Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Ooops, I did it again. Yellow and grey. I know, I have more of these colour combinations in my portfolio. But I can´t help it. There is this force inside of me that makes me do this. Whenever I try to pick a different colour my fingers start automatically to pick mustard and grey once more.;-) I love the doodley look of the inner white circles. It makes the perfect basic circles look so imperfect.

 I tried different motifs but decided to use just one because otherwise it looked so restless to me. Whenever I´m done with a design I ask myself "Do I love it?" Sometimes there comes an instant "Yes", sometimes there are doubts and/or I´m not able to answer that question. When my answer is "No" I don´t publish it and remind myself designing patterns with more passion and love. I can do better than this but right now, it´s totally fine.

Lots of love,

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