Thursday, October 15, 2020


So sorry, it´s been a while since I wrote my last post. Corona still keeps me busy and there wasn´t much time, making new patterns. I try my best to start again after 5 month of pattern break. Time is flying and there is still so much to learn for my portfolio.

For todays pattern I made a tea-towel in fresh, green hues. Since fall is coming here in Germany there starts a lack of light and it´s always a good idea bringing fresh colors into homes with kitchen-gadgets like these. Vegan is starting to be a big hit and so many huge companies try to come out with new products for consious people. I startet eating vegan 8 years ago and so many things in my life changed to the better.

#vegan # yeswegan# kitchenwisdom #teatowel #spoonflower #designchallenge #planteater #consiousness

Have a wonderful day today.

Big hugs,

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