Saturday, January 13, 2018


Finally I am back in my designing-shoes and I love, love, love it, sitting silently in my living room, doing sketches for new patterns. It really keeps me grounded and on my feet and it makes me happy, feeling the flow while designing.
It gets more and more important to me and I´d also love to practise my tissue paper techniques and silk-screen-printing as well. Since my challenges of 2017 ran out I needed some time finding a new one for 2018 which took some time. I still love to combine pattern with quotes and I´d also love to bring new techniques in. And music. Music would be so great.

I guess, things will start to show and it won´t take too long until I know, what I´ll be up to in 2018.
My list is finished already. The only thing I truly need now is time, bringing things together. Until this is organized I´d love to show you my first design for this year. I love this quote and work with it every day, inhaling love into my heart. The oval shapes reminded me of easter eggs somehow but they could also be dynamic slipper animalcules, rushing through our blood, bringing love into our hearts.
Have a wonderful day full of love,

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