Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I am a big fan of art that looks like written on chalkboards. With my todays pattern I tried to pick it up and bring my own vibe in. First I started with a black backround but then I liked grey more because it didn´t look too harsh to me.

The quote is so true. People we attract into our lives show us what topics we have inside of us. If we don´t like aspects in other humans then this is the absolute sign that we have an issue with it ourselves. Most people get upset about others and don´t realize, that there is a lesson for them in this encounter with the other person. If we don´t look at it, we affect people in our entire life with the same unsolved issue. We don´t have to live with it all our lives because there are many great tools in this world to heal and dissolve these themes.
Have a magical day,

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