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June just arrived and it is time for a new, fantastic designer interview. This month I´d like to introduce you to the inspirational, artsy, creative: LOUISE GALE

Louise is a British mixed media artist, with a passion for color, nature and mandala making. She creates in her art studio in south Spain overlooking the sea.

Her work is expressive, colorfull, full of energy and she loves to share her techniques and inspiration with others through free resources, publications and online classes.

Louise co-authored her first book Mandala for the Inspired Artist´ through publisher Walter-Foster in 2016 and has a second art instruction book all about "Botanical Mandalas" being released in Spring 2018.
You can find out more about Louises artwork on her homepage: or Facebook: or Instagram:

A warm hello to Louise and welcome to my series of "12".

1. When did your interest in design/illustration/art first start and how did that come about?
I have always been a creative person since I was a child. My brother and I would make things and craft with my mum so we always had a creative project in process, especially during the school holidays in the summer! I then went to art school at 16 to do a foundation art course where I worked on lots of different mediums, so this is probably where my interest in mixed media comes from! After Artschool I went to study ceramic design in the potteries area of the UK in Staffordshire, so really loved the whole process of creating something with plaster moulds, using slip clay, firing and then decorating with surface design. I still have a love for ceramics today and lots of different mediums.

2. What steps did you take to get to where you are now as a designer/illustrator/artist?
Goodness! It has been a patchwork of twists and turns to be honest! After I studied ceramic design, it was a challenge to find a design job so I ended up becoming a buyer for a store and for the next 15 years or so, I moved from job to job, building up some great foundational skills in business and technology, working in a few different industries. I always seeked roles that had some creative elements to them and worked on my own art projects in my spare time. I also traveled and generally enjoyed the adventure of life! Then when I was living in the USA, (about 2009) I started to feel like I wanted to make creativity a more prominent part of my life, so I put a little plan together to leave my corporate job and start my own business. This was the best decision I made as I now have created a balance in my working life where I enjoy working for other creative people and my own creative projects. I beleive a lot in the universe so believe that when you follow your heart, doors open up with lots of opportunities.

3. How would you describe your style?
My style is very expressive and colorful. I am inspired my nature so love to use natural elements in my work and be inspired my the constant beauty that surrounds us every day. Als I like to use lots of different mediums, my style can look a little different, but I have had others say they recognize my work, so that is really good to hear!

4. Who are yor favorite designers?
Oh, this is a tough quesion! I have always loved art deco design and sway towards architecture that is very organic and a little quirky! So Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Gaudi and Gustav Klimt were favorites of mine in my younger years. I now love to seek out smaller independent designers who inspire me in many mediums such as painting, ceramics and other design. I also have a long list of expressive artists such as Flora Bowley, Tracy Verdugo, Dreama Tolle Perry and Amira Rahmin, plus so many more in my art community that all are a mixture of abstract and traditional artwork that brings me joy.

5. What kind of designer/artist do you want to be known as?
I would love to be known as a colorful, expressive artist. Someone who enjoys life to the full, works on interesting creative projects and inspires others to be more creative.

6. What is your favorite medium you like to work with?
When I am painting large on canvas, I love to work in acrylics and inks. I usually create a new series of work every 1-2 years. Currently I am working a lot in watercolor, but am also diving into many other mediums as I wrote my book and record video for the online class. (see question 7 below)

7. What are you currently working on?
I am currently writing and creating art projects for a new art instruction book, coming out in Spring 2018. It is all about connecting with nature and creating mixed media botanical mandala designs. There will also be an ecourse to accompany the book where we dive deeper into mixed media projects inspired by nature throughout the year.

8. How do you fuel your inspirations?
I spent a lot of time in nature and try to live in the present moment as much as possbile, which can be a challenge some days with a long to do list. I try to dive deep into different subject matters as there is so much to explore! For example - there is so much inspiration in a single flower with it´s colors, shapes and stages of growth. So for me, it is about finding that deeper connection with nature and using that to fuel my creative process and projects. I also try to take a long trip every year where I can spend a good chunk of time soaking up inspirations in another country and gathering lots of ideas for projects and artwork.

9. How does your creative process look like?
As I mentioned above, I love to connect more deeply with nature to be inspired and my creative process usually begins with drawing and sketching, capturing colors and from there designs and artwork emerge. I try not to plan too much about what something is going to look like on completion as I believe that part of the creative process is discovering along the way and sometimes making little 'mistakes' which lead you down a completely new and inspiring path! This is where my best work has emerged.

10. What are you major goals for the next years?
For the next 1-2 years, I am focusing on publishing the Botanical Mandalas book and delivering the online program. I would love a seperate studio which is much bigger than what I am working in now (which is a studio in my home) so this is goal of mine so I have a bigger, more dedicated space to create in. I also work with other creative people so another goal is to continue working with my existing clients (who I love!) on new exciting projects, visiting beautiful places, that inspire creativity for many around the world!

Thank you so much, Louise for answering all my questions. I truly feel like coming down to you to Spain right away, spending hours and hours of creating inspirational, new artwork while looking out on the sea. I am crossing my fingers for a new studio of yours. You will find the perfect place for you.
Lots of love,

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