Friday, April 14, 2017


I am a very sensitive person and feel things other´s don´t feel, see or hear. This makes it hard sometimes, being in a big crowd of people because I get so many impressions for my senses. I think, this sensitivity is a blessing and I feel very gifted to feel this way.
Years ago I started to train my senses with different wonderful teachers. I was able to learn to grow them stronger and to protect and clear myself against negative energy I feel in other people or places.
A couple of weeks ago I started to become a shaman. This journey fills my heart with love and peace. It feels like finding a missing piece of a puzzle and I am excited. It will take three years and with every step I go I´ll collect a white feather. When my collection of white feathers counts 39 my training will be completed.

For my today´s design I was inspired by the white feathers and drew some for my backround. The quote also fits to my new way because a shaman collects herbs in nature and brings them in healing products for people. It´s a wisdom we all used to have, living a life in balance with mother nature, using the gifts we get from her. We forgot so much of this strong wisdom and lost connection to our own inner healer.

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