Monday, September 6, 2021


Halloween is on it´s way and this year I tried a pastellic pattern with scary stuff. I don´t know if I like it yet. I´m quite satisfied with the motifs although the pattern looks a little bit too cramped for my taste.

And I´m a fan of "louder" colors in between. It doesn´t have to be too many colours with a strong personality but still some are really nice, I think. But well, it´s always good to step out of my own comfort zone to find my voice while finishing patterns, I guess.

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Big hugs,

Wednesday, August 18, 2021


The trees are full of Apricots, Peaches, Plums. Stone fruits time it is. Nature is showing it´s abundance and I´m often so overwhelmed by all the natural wealth we´re allowed to get. How magical that we only have to go outside and pick all these yummy treasures for our own pleasure.

With this pattern I felt like thanking Mother Nature that she takes such good care of us. And it´s all free. She doesn´t want money from us. Isn´t this truely amazing? We are so lucky. 

The last couple of days I often came by a tree full of cherry plums. When the fruits started falling it was time to bake a lovely, watermouthing cake from them.

#patterndesign #evelynrosner #stonefruits #thankstomothernature #wealth #abundance

Have a fantastic time, collecting lovely stone fruits, too.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Little critters are in town. Summer is here and it is still wet and rainy outside. So many creepers are outside crawling through the garden. I watched them hiking bravely and happy over concrete while they don´t get cooked in the hot summer sun this year.

I longed for lots of greens in my pattern because summer isn´t really starting yet. Wouldn´t it be nice having lots of these greenish friends in the garden? They would turn all places into happy spots and since green is the colour of healing the view would so totally support mental health. 

#surfacepatterndesign #evelynrosner #retrobugs #crittersingreen #crawlycreepers #healthybugs

Lots of hugs,

Monday, June 28, 2021


Here comes my summer soup bowl pattern. Of course, the bowls are filled with a lovely, chilled, vegan Turmeric-Cucumber-Tofu-Soup, having a positive, cooling effect on tongue and body. For this design I loved mixing asian colours with scandinavian colours, creating am "asinavain" vibe.

Since I forgot how to do repeating patterns the challenge for today was trying to learn it once more. And it worked. Hooray. I did it. And I´m absolutely hooked. I need to do more, that´s for sure.

#surfacepatterndesign #evelynrosner #vegan #couldsoupbowl #artwithheart #asianmeetsscaninavian

Have a lovely day with lots of cold soup.

Big hugs,


I desperately want to try Sub-Yoga where you stand on a board on water doing Asanas. I think, it´s good to practice balance and staying totally centered. It´s more of a summer thing, I think because if you get overboard it´s not too bad, getting wet. It would be so cool, doing this on a hot day, early in the morning.

Of course I had to come up with a nice board-design for this, having Asanas printed on top of it. What a nice thing to have being a Yogi, living close to a lake. Well, I guess one day I´ll do it, packing my courage in my backpack, getting ready for a Yoga-lesson on board. Would you love to come, too? 

#surfacepatterndesign #evelynrosner #watersports #subyoga #waterworld #boarddesign #artwithheart


Tuesday, June 22, 2021


I love the designs of Lynn Guinta, Hallmark-Artist and Happy Maker. She is my artsy hero. You can find her wonderful, creative work here: 

I truly admire her patience while designing cut paper collages. So I tried my best and finished this piece of letter-art. First I started cutting out all letters out of black cardboard paper and scanned them all in.

Then I cheated a little bit and mixed cut-out letters with computer fonts because the look pleased my eyes even more.


After drawing and creating the flowers, stars, heart, plants and arranging them on the letters I´m finally satisfied with the look. What do you think? Where could it be printed on? A lovely poster? A notebook cover? Or maybe an apron for gardeners? Feel free to send me your ideas about it. I´d be happy to hear from you.

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Thursday, April 22, 2021


I missed the Spoonflower challenge with the motto "Boardsports" a couple of weeks ago and couldn´t wait to finish a pattern for it. Since the skateboards are often very colourful or just plain black I wanted to have a different design for my boards.

So, I used different shades of grey as board-backround and put scandinavian looking pattern on each board. Well, I guess, it´s not so much the taste of the skater scene but still it might attract stylish women getting a skater-equipment like this. It could start a new trend besides roller-skates.

#surfacepatterndesign #evelynrosner #boardsports #scandinaviandesign #organicpattern #patterlove

Have a fantastic day with lots of love,