Thursday, November 14, 2019


Here is another pattern I finished a longer time ago. Again I did it for Illustration Friday and the topic was Scandinavian (I´m sure, you guessed that already). I loved to do this one because it reminded me of my childhood in the 70´s. We used to have some of these patterns back then on different designs. Of course they often had more brown, orange and yellow colours.

But I do remember geometric shapes, birds, horses or zick-zack borders on bed linen, wallpaper, dresses, etc. For this pattern I combined the shapes of my childhood with scandinavian color hues and made it look northern. I like the fresh look of it and could imagine the design as napkins at the ikea store.
Big hugs,


Weeks ago I finished this design for Illustration Friday. Originally I used less lightbulbs in the first place but wasn´t satisfied with it. I needed to see lots and lots of until I brought lots of light sources.
Here I show you the design I did at first.

And this is the one I did secondly. There is a lot more going on in there, don´t you agree? I´m not sure which one I like more. Normally I´am friend of plain, bold design but I also love light so very much.

 I think, I´ll go with the first design. The backround seems darker and I like the contrast it gives to the white and yellow light bulbs. It is still the same blue as the one of the second backround. I checked it twice because the second one looks so much brighter.
Which one is your favorite? The first or the second one? Are you more into bold, calm, quiet design or do you love it when there is a lot to discover and the eye can wander.
Greetings from my design room,

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Hello beautiful,
how are you? Oh wow. I just realized it has been four month I didn´t do or post any patterns. Shame on me. I don´t know what happened. I worked a lot doing skillshare classes lately and filled my sketchbook with drawings. And I had a gig with the band I started singing with. Getting prepared for this was so much fun and time consuming as well because it took a lot of time to practise though.

Now I can´t wait to start once more doing portfolio practise and before my blog starts an unplanned hibernation I kick in and show designs I finished before my long break.
I hope, you enjoy the patterns.
Big hugs,

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Oh, I loved this design challenge very much. It was called Dog Days and I had so much fun drawing bones and paw prints, kennels, dogs and flags. I don´t have a dog though but two cats, two turtles and three chicken but I loved designing this pattern for dog lovers.

I thought of a nice neckcloth for stylish dogs that love to show off while going on a nice, chilly walk through autumn woods. Of course, the other dogs that came by will get jealous and desperately feel the longing of purchasing this neckcloth as well for themselves.
Lots of love,


With this pattern I tried to form two designs out of the limit of a colour of four. The first try is a clean and sharp retro design out of circles that change size constantly as you can see here.

The second try is this dot-painting heart that´s made out of the same colors. I wanted it to look like a color vision test or eye test. What can I say: It was a lot of work to set all dots.

It took me days to get the second one done as you can imagine. But I do quite like the result. Sorry, I am out of words today. I´d love to write more but my head doesn´t want to. I´ll be better next time.
Shine on,

Thursday, July 4, 2019


I am really a better person when I am able to design. It makes me feel happy, centered, grounded and I love going into my ritual of designing. I also decided not to stop creating until I fall in love with the pattern I am working on. This has such a huge impact on my work. I give love in and it comes right back to me when I look at my artwork after finishing it. I totally underestimated the power of a good feeling putting into the creative process.

Another Illustration Friday is knocking on the door at midnight with an animalistic motto. I am sure, you´re able to tell what it is. Exactly, it´s fox and I was totally happy to draw these lovely, cute, fury friends. I know they are quiet hip right now in the pattern scene and this has truly a reason. I love their look and they are easily done. #illustrationfriday #weeklydesignchallenge #fox #surfacepattern
Big hugs,

Saturday, June 1, 2019


In the last few days I was quite busy designing patterns for the Spoonflower Design Challenge.
Spoonflower is a company in the U.S. that prints custom fabric. Luckily they also have producers in Berlin, Germany. So this is good for me. No costly shipping. Each week they do have a challenge with different topics to encourage creativity. Today I´d love to proudly present you my latest designs for the last challenges. #spoonflower #designchallenge #surfacepatterndesign #artwithheart
Here they are:

a) Abstract Minimalism:

b) Fitness:

c) Paint by numbers:

d) RetroPostcard:

A couple of month ago I started to feel unhappy with my designs because there was always some detail in it I didn´t like. Mostly it was because I ran out of time while finishing a pattern because of my bread job and rushed through the making process. So I decided for myself to put more love and time into my creations. I wanted them to be done with all my heart so I opened this one entirely for my making process. It worked out instantly and the more love I put in the more love comes back from my designs and they really gained substance. Soon they can start a new being as heart openers to others.
Lots of love,