Friday, May 24, 2019


In the 90´s I was a big Alanis-Morisette-Fan. I loved her music very much and enjoyed seeing her in person on Rock-am-Ring in Germany nearly 20 years ago. Through my years as a mom of young kids I wasn´t able to follow her tracks any more because there was less time for it. Nowadays I´m always on the hunt for wonderful, inspiring music while designing. Great tunes muse me and help my creative juices flow.

Last week I clicked on a catching video picture on my playlist and suddenly Alanis was singing, inspiring me once again. I had goosebumps, remembered her songs two decades ago and couldn´t help singing all songs with her. I still knew the lyrics. Isn´t this lovely after this long period of time? Thanks bunches Alanis for your being, your courage and your inspirations you brought into my life.
I linked this beautiful video here which I love the most right now. Very catchy song as well.
Lots of love,


And another Illustration Friday is rolling by. This weeks topic is Throne and I had a hard time, designing one. Gosh, I guess I gained lots of grey hair while doing so. I never realised how much work it can be to draw a kings chair. I almost gave up on this pattern.

But well, now it is done and I think, it looks allright for the first try. And I learned a lot about myself during this lesson. I definately don´t want to pick up a career as a throne designer, this one is for absolutely sure (unless I change my mind and want all my hair to turn into greys and whites).


Do you also have this voice inside your head? The one who tells you all the time what you´re able to do and what you are not. Very often the voice speaks louder about the things we think we can´t do. And it turns into a whisper about the good stuff. The stuff we learned already in life, the goals we achieved and the skills we trained diligent to make us come to our present point of life.

This voice I´m speaking about is our inner believe system. We all have it, carry it with us. Sometimes this system stops us and sometimes it helps us achieve new goals. It depends on our own personality and how we were able to grow up. If we were able to built up confidence in our live we also raise our ability to trust our own intuitions. This means we love to move forward and collect courage on our way doing the things we love to do. So, it´s good to look inside because we are so much more than we think we are.
Big hugs,

Thursday, May 23, 2019


OMG, where does the time go? I try really hard to catch up with my designs but right now we have final exams at school where I work and this keeps my quite busy. Nevertheless I dragged myself on screen at nighttime to finish this design for the Illustration Friday farm topic. I picked 😀 a chicken pattern this time for a special reason.

My husband Mike (formerly known as a passionate biker) always wanted chicken in his backyard. I did not because I was scared they´d ruin my flowers so I struggled. Two month ago Mike had a round birthday and wasn´t very happy with it. Our kids and I tried to find something to cheer him up and so I decided to give in with the chicken. We bought "Wyandotts", a small, family friendly breed and made Mike very happy with it. The three chicken are with us for weeks now, they do wreck my flowers beds but on the other hand they are so funny. I truly love their feather patterns (mockers say, the chicken fit to our interieur - of course they do).

They used to live in a stable with many chicken. We let them run free when we are at home and they really love it, exploring the bushes, pecking for worms. I never thought I would say this but it´s quite allright to life with chicken. And they do give great inspirations for patterns.
Big hugs,

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Illustration Friday, the weekly design challenge had "Fire" as this weeks topic. I came up with this design.This time I really had an overdose of perfection. Whenever I thought the picture was final, there came something up to tell me it´s not. The design truly talked to me and I listend and worked on it for days. I could still give passion into it though but gave myself permission to stop before I screw it up. It absolutely has wonderful, powerful energy and effect.

I love the quote very much and found it several years ago while being on a 3,5 years training for becoming a free flying witch myself. The history of the inquisition was part of the training in the first level of witch school and I found it quite threatening how involuntarily women were accused and sentenced to death because of their healing skills.

Every woman has healing power and very often, this skill wakes up when she gives birth to children. The inquistion raged 800 years long and stopped 1775 but it is so deeply drained in our cells and was passed on to further generations that many nowadays women are still affected by it. Are you one of them? Do you allow yourself to listen to your inner healer? Or are you very careful with showing your healing skills? Do you have forgotten about them at all? Or do you hide yourself out of fear because you could get punished for who you truly are? Let me tell you this. There is no need to be afraid of waking up your healing power. You are capable of amazing things. Every woman is. We are all healers. Together we´re able to cure the world. So lets get together ladies around the globe in purpose of sending salvation all over the planet. Take us all by our hands. It is time to let the (healing) magic happen.
Loads of love,

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


This week I am earlier with my weekly "Design-meets-Consciousness"-Series and my pattern is finished already. I loved to draw these little circles and it made me feel relaxed and calm while doodeling them. Surely this pattern will show up more than once, maybe in different colours.

"Your best teacher is your last mistake" - this quote found me several weeks ago and I´m a huge fan of the meaning of it. As a born perfectionist it isn´t easy for me to deal with mistakes because I always dreamed of a perfect life with no failures around at all. But how boring would this life be. I would never learn anything because things would always run smooth. I also dream of a life full of wisdom and sageness and I guess the road to this goal is full of mistakes I´d rather name experiences because that´s what they are. They help us grow.
Have a happy Tuesday, love.

Monday, February 11, 2019


Offering other people help isn´t something that many people have a problem with. Most humans love to give and help when it is needed. It is different, when we need help ourselves. For instance if we run out of flour while baking a cake and the shops are already closed. Now we have two options. Either forego the plan of baking. Or even worse: Asking friends or neighbours if they are willing to give you the neccessary ingredient. An unpleasant impediment because we don´t like to ask for something and often rather give up our baking plans.

But what is this all about? There is more than one reason we don´t like to ask for help. Some of us don´t like it to get into a trap of guilt. This means, we get help from somebody and immediately feel the need of balancing this out with offering help from our side as well. An imbalance starts to happen.
Some of us don´t like it giving up control. This means, when we ask for help, we need to agree that the opposite person solves the issue different to us. If we like it or not.
The biggest fear we have while asking for help is our anxiousness of getting a NO. For us a NO is a sign of rejection and dismissal of our own person. Old angst comes up, because we think we are not loveable and the NO of our counterpart gives us confirmation in this believe system. But the only thing that happens is that our opposite shows us our own projections of our feelings and issues that aren´t healed inside of us. If we need help and are not able to ask for it, then it is important to find out which fear exactly gets activated while feeling that way. Now it helps to jump over our own shadows, ask for support and accept a maybe upcoming NO as the sign, that our counterpart propably just doesn´t have time right now to help.
It really helps growing while opening up for helpful offers from others. Help is beautiful. Help makes strong and while inviting help into our lives we find new possibilities. Asking for help and being able to accept help shows inner maturity and courage. And Courage in life is always rewarded.
Is it easy for you to ask for help? What fear is stopping you from opening up for the help of others?
Bye for now,