Thursday, July 11, 2019


Oh, I loved this design challenge very much. It was called Dog Days and I had so much fun drawing bones and paw prints, kennels, dogs and flags. I don´t have a dog though but two cats, two turtles and three chicken but I loved designing this pattern for dog lovers.

I thought of a nice neckcloth for stylish dogs that love to show off while going on a nice, chilly walk through autumn woods. Of course, the other dogs that came by will get jealous and desperately feel the longing of purchasing this neckcloth as well for themselves.
Lots of love,


With this pattern I tried to form two designs out of the limit of a colour of four. The first try is a clean and sharp retro design out of circles that change size constantly as you can see here.

The second try is this dot-painting heart that´s made out of the same colors. I wanted it to look like a color vision test or eye test. What can I say: It was a lot of work to set all dots.

It took me days to get the second one done as you can imagine. But I do quite like the result. Sorry, I am out of words today. I´d love to write more but my head doesn´t want to. I´ll be better next time.
Shine on,

Thursday, July 4, 2019


I am really a better person when I am able to design. It makes me feel happy, centered, grounded and I love going into my ritual of designing. I also decided not to stop creating until I fall in love with the pattern I am working on. This has such a huge impact on my work. I give love in and it comes right back to me when I look at my artwork after finishing it. I totally underestimated the power of a good feeling putting into the creative process.

Another Illustration Friday is knocking on the door at midnight with an animalistic motto. I am sure, you´re able to tell what it is. Exactly, it´s fox and I was totally happy to draw these lovely, cute, fury friends. I know they are quiet hip right now in the pattern scene and this has truly a reason. I love their look and they are easily done. #illustrationfriday #weeklydesignchallenge #fox #surfacepattern
Big hugs,

Saturday, June 1, 2019


In the last few days I was quite busy designing patterns for the Spoonflower Design Challenge.
Spoonflower is a company in the U.S. that prints custom fabric. Luckily they also have producers in Berlin, Germany. So this is good for me. No costly shipping. Each week they do have a challenge with different topics to encourage creativity. Today I´d love to proudly present you my latest designs for the last challenges. #spoonflower #designchallenge #surfacepatterndesign #artwithheart
Here they are:

a) Abstract Minimalism:

b) Fitness:

c) Paint by numbers:

d) RetroPostcard:

A couple of month ago I started to feel unhappy with my designs because there was always some detail in it I didn´t like. Mostly it was because I ran out of time while finishing a pattern because of my bread job and rushed through the making process. So I decided for myself to put more love and time into my creations. I wanted them to be done with all my heart so I opened this one entirely for my making process. It worked out instantly and the more love I put in the more love comes back from my designs and they really gained substance. Soon they can start a new being as heart openers to others.
Lots of love,

Thursday, May 30, 2019


Today I want to show you my favorite breakfast on weekends in a pattern. I´m a total lover of enjoying food in the mornings but during weekdays I´m so often not able to spend much time preparing myself some lovely food. So through Mondays to Fridays I bring myself some granola in a glass jar with oat milk and fresh fruits to work. On weekends it´s different. I´ll explain it to you later in this post. For now I´ll show you my Saturday/Sunday breakfast in one calm and 1:1-design and one in a pattern.

So my weekend-breakfast is made of wonderful things I love. I am a plant eater so there are no animal ingredients involved. I´m also allergic to wheat so spelt products are my first choice. And for healthy reasons I´m advised to avoid sugar at all. Okay, this sounds difficult and it is for people who want to invite me over for meals (it´s possible when I bring my own food). My favourite breakfast is this: First of all there are herbs I pick in my garden and turn them into a lovely tea. For drinks I also have oat milk and freshly squeezed orange-juice. Organic, seasonal foods are on my side and a lovely bowl of muesli (without any sugar). And on top of it all there is an oven-warm spelt bun waiting for me, spreaded with vegan butter and raw-stirred strawberry jam. Sometimes I even bake myself a vegan banana bread with walnuts. Mmmmmmhhhh.
What is your favorite breakfast?


For this design I´m a little bit too late because the challenge was due almost three weeks ago. But I still want to post it anyway because I think it worked out quite nice. The topic was "Transportation" and since I truly wanted to do a design with sail-boats this was the opportunity.

I saw the image on my inner eye already before I banned it on paper and the computer. There should be waves and bubbles in the backround and of course lovely boats sailing on the water. So I made this happen. To complete the pattern I added some hearts because I thought they might look nice to it.

Friday, May 24, 2019


And another Illustration Friday is rolling by. This weeks topic is Throne and I had a hard time, designing one. Gosh, I guess I gained lots of grey hair while doing so. I never realised how much work it can be to draw a kings chair. I almost gave up on this pattern.

But well, now it is done and I think, it looks allright for the first try. And I learned a lot about myself during this lesson. I definately don´t want to pick up a career as a throne designer, this one is for absolutely sure (unless I change my mind and want all my hair to turn into greys and whites).